Wholesale hardware as a service platform for OEMs and ISVs.

InDemand Technologies is now the wholesale IT services platform of Accucode and Accucode EU.

IT services that remove barriers to market entry, support, and customer adoption.

As your European service partner, we operate behind the scenes to ensure your customers’ needs are met at every stage of your technology process.

Hardware as a Service

Focus less on hardware and more on your business. Earn recurring revenue and improve customer retention by lowering the cost of ownership.

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Hardware Procurement

Let us help you procure the right devices at the best prices. We handle order fulfillment and stock equipment so you can focus on your goals.

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Deployment Services

We offer wholesale hardware deployment at every step: golden image development, staging & configuration, quality control, and packaging & shipping.

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Installation Services

Let us help you through the entire installation process, start to finish: from coordinating field techs to onsite surveys and testing.

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Support Services

Our services range from wholesale to support. Get complete device management– from repairs to warranties– with a 24/7 help desk.

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Reclamation Services

Data wiping, disposal & recycling, redeployment, and liquidation give you peace of mind and security to focus on your business.

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Remove barriers to customer adoption with our hardware as a service program.

Our hardware as a service bundle your existing technology offerings with compatible hardware, software, and managed services as a predictable monthly subscription.

A programmatic approach to strategic hardware procurement.

Strategic hardware procurement is crucial to maximizing your operational margin. This process involves three steps: hardware procurement, price negotiations, and inventory & fulfillment.

Hardware Procurement

We procure all the hardware, accessories and supplies for customers on your behalf. Our selection process is based around your technology, so we only acquire products that you know are compatible.

Price Negotiations

As your procurement partner, it’s our job to make sure you get hardware with a price that fits your budget. From live auctions, to direct negotiations with our network of suppliers, we make sure you’re getting the best price.

Inventory & Fulfillment

Once we purchase the right hardware, we stock and inventory all equipment at our operations depot. We also maintain spare pools with pre-configured devices so that order fulfillment is fast and easy.

Pre-configured devices and next-day shipping for a hassle free deployment.

Technology deployments of any size take careful planning and execution. Our methodology ensures devices are correctly configured, tested, and shipped so customers can have a ready to use solution right out-of-the-box.

Golden Image Development

We work with you to develop a standard image for all devices deployed. By managing backup files of your customer’s configuration settings and software applications, we’re able to service and deploy devices quickly, and without error.

Staging & Configuration

Devices are always staged with the appropriate accessories and configured to the correct OS and network settings. These services can be done at both a customer and site level to ensure a working solution as soon as it hits the user’s hands.

Quality Control

Before a device is shipped, our technicians perform a sequence of tests to identify any issues before it leaves our facility. We even have simulated test environments that can provide proof of concept before we deploy your solution.

Packaging & Shipping

Once devices have been tested, our shipping team boxes the hardware with compatible accessories, batteries, charging cables and supplies. We even offer laser-etched engravings on certain hardware and custom-branded packaging depending on your needs.

End to end technology installation services.

Our technology installation services start with surveying your site and discussing your requirements with you. Once we have site specifications nailed down, we will physically install your required system, test the installation to make sure it is set up correctly, and provide ongoing service and support.

Site Survey

Whether it’s a wireless network or point of sale system, conducting a site survey is the first step in any installation process. Site surveys help our techs determine facility readiness and remediate any issues that could impact the installation.

On-Site Installations

Each of our technicians are professionally trained to drive good project charters and make sure installations are completed on-time and within budget. We even offer the option of training your own technicians on-site.

On-Site Testing

Our goal is to make you look good and keep your business running 24/7 for your customers. Our techs will never leave a site until they have fully tested everything to ensure that your processes are fully operational.

Break-fix and overnight replacement your customers can count on.

Our repair services and help desk support ensure your customers have a working solution in the hands of their employees at all times.

Depot Repairs

We give your customers a single address to ship to for all their service and repair needs. When a device breaks, customers simply open a ticket in our portal and send the broken device back to our depot for repairs.

On-Site Repairs

Some technology repairs, like wireless networks, require on-site visits. We have hundreds of field techs across the EU who quickly arrive on-site to assess and re-mediate any problems should something go wrong.

Spare Pool Management

Customer spare pool devices are tracked by serial number and bin location within our operations depot. Each device is fully charged and configured for the assigned site, so if something breaks, we hot swap devices and immediately ship an overnight replacement to minimize employee downtime.

Get the most out of decommissioned hardware.

End of life services are often overlooked by technology vendors and their customers. As technology continues to advance, product life cycles become shorter and more retired devices need to be managed. Our asset reclamation methodology ensures that devices and data are safely and securely decommissioned for you and your customers. Whether there is an upgraded device population that requires businesses to get rid of the old technology, or there are broken assets that need salvaging, our services determine marketability and bring in the best value for equipment that is no longer needed.

Data Wiping

Once hardware reaches the end of its life cycle, your customer’s data will remain safe and secure. We remove proprietary data on each device and minimize the risk of theft. We also inventory the data and securely store it for customer use.

Disposal & Recycling

While there are countless ways one can dispose of electronics, we make sure each device is recycled in an environmental friendly manner.


Most outdated hardware can be refurbished and redeployed for other tasks. Our redeployment services help companies find ways to save money by outfitting old hardware to perform duties where the most up-to-date device isn’t always required to perform the job.


We help facilitate live auctions for customers looking to get rid of their devices. By strategically selecting the volume of equipment to be sold and the number of qualified bidders, customers will always get the best price. We even package and ship the equipment to the highest bidder so you don’t have to.